General practinioner

General practitioner (yleislääkäri) is a doctor who able to diagnose and to treat very wide range of diferent diseases. Actually, GP is the first line doctor who may take care of almost all pathological conditions. Some of them are listed below:

  • flu (runny nose, cough, sore throat etc)
  • pain in all parts of the body
  • inflammation in ear, especially in children
  • high blood pressure, chronic heart diseases
  • diabetes and related complications
  • astma and other diseases of airways and lungs
  • small traumas, pain in joints, muscles and bones
  • eye diseases
  • mood disorders, anxiety and depression
  • Appointment with specialized doctor

    In Klinikka Elo, we have doctors who are specialized to diagnose and to treat some definitive conditions and diseases. They include ortopedics and traumotology, spine diseases, urology, gynecology etc. You will be refferred to specialized doctor by our general practinioner when Your condition will require more profound estimation and sophisticated treatment.

    Diagnostic facilities and imaging

    Klinikka Elo performs all basic diagnostic measurments of respiratory and vascular systems. Some special tools are also available to confirm common problems with inflammation in paranasal sinuses (poskiontelotulehdus) and otitis (korvatulehdus). We diagnose the paranasal sinusitis with modern ultrasound-device which has proved its efficacy in many scientific trials. If assessed only by clinical signs paranasal sinusitis might be frequently misdiagnosed causing delay of treatment. Otitis (korvatulehdus) can be reliably diagnosed by visial assessment using only special lamp (otoscope) which is also available in our clinic. Sometimes ears are full of earwax necessitating using of special softeners for few days. Thereafter, our doctors take out the wax plug washing it out or using special suction device.

    Some diagnosis can by verified only after thorought laboratory tests. In Klinikka Elo, our highly professional nurses take blood or urina samples which thereafter will be sent to the closest laboratory. Thus we take care of logistics and You do not need to go anywhere else for laboratory analysis.

    Some conditions require X-ray or MRI examination and in these cases, our physicians will reffer You to the closest diagnostic center.

    Sick leave, drug prescroptions, doctor's reports

    Phycisians of Klinikka Elo may give You a sick leave only when it is medically argumented. All doctor's reports and other formal medical documentation (Lääkärinlausunto A,B,C,E) which are accepted by KELA in Finland may be produced in our clinic. Furthermore, we can provide you with health assessment to get driving license (Ajokorttitodistus) or before getting job (Terveystodistus).

    Klinikka Elo is connected to Kanta-medical service enabling electronic prescription recepees directly to pharmacy database. This deminishes the amount of papers You need to take care about since all the information is digitalized and securely saved on the server.

    Social work and education

    Social work

    Klinikka Elo is unique medical center since we are profiled also to facilitate social adaptation of immigrants in Finland. Our staff is highly dedicated to help immigrants to socialize in new enviroment. Klinikka Elo organizes seminars and courses in order to elucidate the psychological and social problems related to immigration. During such events our specialists and collaborators offer the most appropriate solutions and highlight the routes towards reasonable socialisation in Finland.


    Klinikka Elo has various educational contacts and agreements with Helsinki institutions of applied science. Close cooperation allows our staff and students to have fruitful exchange of experience and facilitates involvement of young specialists in working in multicultural environment. Moreover, Klinikka Elo looks toward scientific work emphasizing the importance of true knowledge on healthcare issues related to immigrants in Finland. With scientific approach we are able to oppose reasonably many precarious fears, prejudices and even estrangement of immigrants.

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