About Klinikka Elo

Klinikka Elo is a new multicultural medical center which is the only one of its kind in Finland. Our basic consept is to serve and to treat the patients taking into account their own language and cultural background. This has become possible since nowadays many immigrant doctors and nurses are educated and licenced as medical professionals in Finland. It is not uncommon that an appointment with doctor in public hospitals turns out to be quite difficult to many non-finns. Invited translators are not medical professionals and frequently they are unable to express patient's or doctor's thoughts correctly. Moreover, medical staff rarely takes into account prominent differences in culture, traditions and daily habits between locals and immigrants. Such factors may negatively affect the treatment causing repeated appointments with doctors, unnecessary refferals to other specialists and even medical mistakes.

Team of Klinikka Elo includes highly professional doctors and nurses who speak Somalian, Arabic, Turkish, Persian, Chinese and other languages as natives. Thus, immigrants from respective countries may express themselves in a way as it would be practiced in their previous homeland. Such approach is breaking the wall between many immigrants and medical care which is still so common in Finland. Full bilateral understanding during appointment in health center is crucial for effective treatment and provides psychological comfort to patients and to medical staff.

Despite of many languages and cultural diversity presented in Klinikka Elo we are united by finnish language, finnish work habits and culture. Finnish medical care is one of the best in the world, and we are happy to utilize its achievements in our center.

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